Dutchess Feels Betrayed and Goes In On Sky: “You Ain’t Never Had Love For Me or Yourself, Just Like You Ain’t Have Love For Them Kids You Birthed”

"Why the f---k would you be on Sky's bad side, I dont want to be on her bad side."

Yes, chile, Dutchess goes there in this Black Ink Crew highlight when she comes at Sky’s motherhood.

Melody spills the tea to Dutchess that Miss Kitty and Ceaser shared a kiss. This news pisses Dutch off because Kit tried to front in her face like she was a friend. After hearing all of the stuff that Ceaser has been up to since their breakup, Dutchess feels mad betrayed by Sky the most. She feels Sky is moving like a pimp because why else would someone try to hook up their current homegirl’s ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t stop there. She says the reason she’s not surprised Sky moved the way she did is because Sky doesn’t know what love is. “She’s f—ed up,” Dutch says. “She needs some help. If your own mother can’t call you on your birthday and doesn’t really care about you, I understand why you can’t care about other people too. Crazy. I guess that’s why she did the same s—t to her kids.”

That was a low blow and Melody is seemingly as uncomfortable as I’m going to guess you all felt. Like the rest of us, Melody is wondering why Dutchess is directing her anger towards Sky. If she should be mad at anyone it needs to be Cease.

Dutchess ends the awkward lunch by saying she’s in a different place and Melody is confused seeing as Dutchess just violated Sky’s life. The two toast to making money but something tells us that this may start some new drama.

Melody’s face for that toast though.

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