Is Sky Taking The High Road With Dutchess After Dutch Made Scathing Comments About Sky’s Family?

Sky's reaction to Dutchess's insults is not what we expected.

After watching last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew, we were sure that Sky was going to tear into Dutchess (maybe literally). The subject of Sky’s sons, whom she gave up for adoption as a teenager, is an emotional one for her, and one that has already been used against her by Tiffany Perez, who accused her of not caring for her kids. But on this week’s episode, Dutchess took those insults a step further, dragging Sky’s mom into it as well. “She needs some help. If your own mother can’t call you on your birthday and doesn’t really care about you, I understand why you can’t care about other people too. Crazy. I guess that’s why she did the same s—t to her kids.”

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