Sneak Peek: TIP Says The Blogs Are Thirsty When They Connect Him To Random Women in the Industry

"I have to be very careful of who I place myself around."

TIP has some Poland Spring for some of these blogs out there fiending to catch him slipping up with another woman and he’s not here for it.

When TIP gives a producer a little fruit snack in this sneak peek to T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, he jokingly says he needs to be careful out here because the paparazzi are always on him. A girl could go from “woman working the camera” to “TIP’s alleged girlfriend” in seconds if the blogs have anything to do with it. It’s because of the ruthlessness of these different media outlets and their need to paint TIP as a womanizer that he now has to be careful about who he hangs around, no matter how innocent the link up is.

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