Kirk’s Alleged Baby Mama, Jasmine, is Out In These Streets Looking For Him

If anyone can find the man, I guess Instagram can.

Jasmine Washington is looking for Kirk and judging by her latest post on social media, it seems as if Mr. Frost has been M.I.A.

We still don’t know for sure if Kirk Frost is the father of Jasmine’s baby, but that’s not stopping her from calling him out. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newbie took to Instagram to send out a little public service announcement aimed at her alleged baby zaddy. She posted a faux missing milk carton ad with an accompanied caption where she wrote,

“PSA: If anyone has ? on Mr. Frost, hashtag #whereskirk and include your location. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Thanks!”

Seeing as how Kirk’s last post to social media was one week ago it may be safe to say he’s laying low for a while.

In this clip from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Jasmine introduces Karlie to the son she had allegedly with Kirk Frost.

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