You’ll Never Guess What This Thirsty Fan Stole From Drake’s Crib

Some fans enjoy the simple things.

If Drake hasn’t had enough to deal with this week after allegedly being racially profiled at a country club, a thirsty female burglar is trying to drink his juice, literally.

According to TMZ, a 24-year-old woman is facing felony robbery charges for an incident at Drake’s home on April 3. That night, one of his crew members walked in on the mysterious woman hanging out in the rappers bedroom sporting one of his hoodies. Who knows how she got in, but when cops arrived, she told them that she had permission to enter. Clearly she did not.

Instead of swiping jewelry, art, or even Drake’s famous Grammy that he drank champagne out of, she opted to steal his soda.


The burglar reportedly confessed to taking Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water from the 6 God’s crib. Someone’s thirsty! Were there no Wawa’s around? She broke in for $10 worth of water and soda and left with a felony burglary charge. Being thirsty can get you into so much trouble.

A fan might have his drinks, but Rihanna clearly has Drake’s heart. Take a look into the timeline of their rollercoaster relationship in the video below.

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