Ceaser Finds Out Dutchess Has Been Creepin’ With Zack Sanchez And A Different Dude for a Little Minute in the Black Ink Crew Sneak Peek

"The original dude tells me he met my fiancée in a club a year ago and he's been f---ing her ever since."

Someone sent Ceaser a DM airing out all of Dutchess’s alleged sneaky business and he is tightttttttt.

Ceaser comes to 125th livid because some random man sent him a private message regarding his ex-fiancée, Dutchess. Apparently this man was butt-hurt after Dutchess ditched him to date NFL player, Zack Sanchez. He was in his feelings so much that he told Cease mad info that only Dutchess would know and drops a bomb saying that he is the reason Dutchess broke off her engagement. Ceaser feels there is some truth to this because the man did know thing no one else would. Ted and Kit don’t know WTF this man is talking about and neither do we, but we will fo’ sho’ find out next week.

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