Kit Wants the Ladies to Take Notes, “Always Keep Your Man Guessing and Afraid For His Life,” Says It Works For Ceaser

"...reels 'em in every time."

Kit ultimately forgives Ceaser but makes him work for it first in this Black Ink Crew highlight: Panty Dropper Edition.

Cease pulls up to Kitty’s place to see if she finally forgave him after sending her three dozen roses. She opens up the door all sultry, laced in lingerie, and entices Cease to chug down his drink. Kit was tight before and is all of a sudden calm and the red flags start popping up for Ceaser. He’s watched enough Investigation Discovery Channel to know that a woman who switches up her mood like that, definitely has something coming for her man. He’s on his Ps and Qs, though, and that’s exactly how Kit wanted it. She sees her beau is shook enough and finally forgives him. Then they do the nasty, the endDon’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew, next Wednesday at 8/7c!

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