Now That the Supreme Court Nationally Legalized Gay Marriage, Our Fave TV Couples Should Be Hitched AF

C'mon, SCOTUS. Do it for Connor and Oliver!

All eyes are on the Supreme Court this week as its justices make rulings on six crucial issues: Same-sex marriage, Obamacare, clean air, housing discrimination, lethal injections, and congressional district creation. While proponents of Obamacare received a victory today when SCOTUS upheld the healthcare plan in a 6-3 decision, we still don’t have a ruling on same-sex marriage. Static noise. Nada. And the suspense is literally killing us.

If SCOTUS rules in favor of gay marriage, then same-sex couples can get married anywhere in the country. If it chooses to uphold the bans, then the states that still prohibit same-sex marriage don’t have to change their laws. Even scarier, states where federal action led to legalizing gay marriage (like my home state South Carolina) can put bans back in place. Yikes. (This nifty map from NPR breaks all of this down for you.)

We’re 1,000 percent in favor of the first scenario where gay marriage becomes legal everywhere and people just stop being douches about it. We also can’t lie: A small part of us needs this to happen so our favorite TV gay couples can get married. We promise we’re not crazy.

There are so many fictional same-sex couples who need this law to pass. And, hell, we need it too for closure. We’ll be sending muffin baskets to these couples if SCOTUS makes the right decision. (Even if some of them are currently on a break/not together for whatever reason, we’re keeping our fingers crossed! It’s make-believe, people; characters can come back to life if needed!)

  1. Connor and Oliver, How to Get Away with Murder

    One of TV’s most dramatic gay couples. With Oliver revealing he’s (SPOILER) HIV-positive at the end of season one, these two are about to be put through a serious test. Maybe the spirit of D.C. will cause them to tie the knot.

  2. Jamal and Michael, Empire

    We hate that this hot couple broke up and we will always root they rekindle their flame. And by rekindle we mean sign a marriage license.

  3. Sarah and Tammy, Transparent


    Sarah and Tammy don’t have the best circumstances, but there’s no denying their love for one another.

  4. Bert and Ernie

    PBS/Seame Street

    Shut up; you’re all thinking it.

  5. Heath and Calvin, Greek

    ABC Family

    They ended up together at the end of the series and (to our knowledge) are enjoying a semester abroad. But we think wedding bells need to happen when this duo returns.

  6. Tara and Pam, True Blood

    Embedded from

    They just need to kiss like this forever.

  7. Piper and Alex, Orange is the New Black


    This on again/off again couple is our favorite right now on television. Is prison marriage even a thing?

  8. Emily and Paige, Pretty Little Liars

    ABC Family

    Sure, Paige might have moved away from Rosewood, but we’re still holding out these crazy kids will get together. Maybe a positive SCOTUS ruling will reignite some old feelings.

What other couples do you want to see get married? Sound off in the comments below.