Momma Dee Super Fan Tituss Burgess Says He Aspires to Have the Same Level of Confidence the Love & Hip Hop Mom Has When She Sangs

We need a collab next!

Momma Dee sang her heart out at a birthday dinner and actor Tituss Burgess (or shall we say Andromedon?) from Netflix’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was so here for it–as are we!

Our favorite Love & Hip Hop Atlanta mom had the internet talking when a video surfaced of her serenading a friend for their birthday. In a video captured by the Shade Room, Momma Dee is hitting them notes and is in her Céline, chile!
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star was so into it that when a friend (and VH1 employee) Heather Ricks, shared the video on his Facebook wall, instructing him to take notes, he commented,

This is brilliance on a level that even I don’t understand. I can only aspire to have her level of confidence. You know how in Twilight, Bella can create a force field/shield so nothing can harm her? Nothing can get in that would compromise her well being or psychological health. Mama Dee has that same power.

The woman definitely has the confidence and fact: no one can harm her–and in that order. Always hilarious! Do ya thing, Momma Dee. We see you. New single soon?

What the world needs is for this…

to meet this!

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