Beyoncé’s Lemonade Turns 1! Here’s All of the Gems That We’ll Never Forget

"If we're gonna heal, let it be glorious."

We don’t know what TF happened to time, but it’s been a year since Beyoncé snatched our wigs with her incredible Lemonade album. This culture shifting, visually stunning, lesson-teaching album and visual project rocked our world in more ways than one. Exactly 365 days ago, the Queen had the creative gumption to trap us all in our living rooms and release an album without warning, air it on HBO and pair it with vignettes for each song. Not only had we never seen an artist take so much creative authority of their work…we took away so many life-changing moments from Beyoncé’s “fury to forgiveness” journey.

In honor of Beyoncé’s greatest musical achievement thus far, we’re pouring ourselves another glass of Lemonade and looking back on all of the album’s most memorable lessons.

How much does Beyoncé love the number 4? We explore all the ways.

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