Sorry, Not Sorry: Were These Celebrity Apologies Genuine?

Is it too late now to say I'm sorry?

Updated 11/10/17 by Taylor Davis

Most celebrities live under a microscope, so when they mess up the rest of the world instantly knows about it. We’ve gotten our fair share of apologies over the years ranging from truly heartfelt sincere “I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson, I am for real!” quality plea for forgiveness to the cringeworthy generic mea culpa that makes our eyes roll. Let’s take a look back at some notable apologies in pop culture and vote to see if these celebrities were genuine or not.

Even though this initially published a few months ago, quite a few celebrities have issued apologies because their wrong doings are coming to light. A few weeks ago, Harvey Weinstein was outed as having sexually assaulted and harassed tens of women in Hollywood. The courage of those women coming forward have inspired others to share their stories as well, and now everyday a story of a powerful man taking advantage of someone is being told. Some of those claims are disputed, but some of them are acknowledged and apologies are issued. Kevin Spacey, Louis CK and former President George H. W. Bush have all issued apologies, but are those apologies enough? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think.

Instead of an apology, some celebs like to clap back. Check out the best pop culture clapbacks 2016 had to offer in the video below.

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