Karlie Asks “Why Does Joc Hang Out With Scammers?” Tommie Explains “He Likes Frauds Who Can Handle These Broads” in Check Yourself

So is he admitting she's a fraud?

Karlie has plenty of scammer nicknames for Tommie Lee but our favorite loca isn’t phased by any of them.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tommie admits that she was waiting for Karlie to pull up to Joc’s comedy show but was entertained in the meantime by Scrappy’s Angelica doll hair from the Rugrats. Seeing Joc flirt with Tommie confirms to Melissa that the man is a little thottie. Miss Lee can’t help but be amused by the trouble she’s causing for Karlie. Karlie finds nothing funny as she calls Lovely Mimi and Tommie “birds” for their behavior. Unapologetically, Tommie recognizes she may be a fraud,but Joc likes that ish. The producers do have to check Karlie with a little history lesson though. Turns out George Washington is too a dead president so I guess Tommie actually was worth a dead president.

Meanwhile, Jessica Dime can’t believe that Karlie is so messy you can’t even break news to the girl because chances are, she already knows. (“She so messy you can’t even be messy with her!”) She tells Karlie about Tommie’s wine tasting event and gets real shady when she compares Le’Don to le Piss. Karlie feels no one around her is loyal because she can’t believe Jessica even attended that event. She’s even more annoyed that Dime sat on this info for so long. Jessica now sees why they call Karlie messy but has no regrets in the due diligence she made as a friend.

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