Drunk Woman Stumbles to Kim Kardashian’s Hotel Room, Flashes Her Instead of Asking for Selfie

What a rookie mistake.

Kim Kardashian and her fetus are attending to business in France this week. As if traveling while pregnant wasn’t already a caution, you have inebriated fans to worry about.

During her stay at Cannes, Kim was ambushed by a drunk guest at her hotel in the middle of the night, and had to take to Twitter to tell us all about it.

First of all, how dare you interrupt Kim’s beauty sleep. Who do you think you are? Kanye’s penis? Second of all, you come in that close of contact with the media queen herself and don’t take a pic? Slip a napkin under the door for an autograph? Instead, you take this prime moment to show her your boobs. How selfish of you.

It’s a good thing Kanye upped Kim’s security to be around the clock otherwise something really serious could’ve happened. Like, she could’ve gotten flashed and mooned in the same night, without even being asked to take a selfie. Scary stuff, guys.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.