Jackie Instructing Her Infant Granddaughter to Call Her “Mama Jackie” and “Glamma” Is Downright Hilarious and Horrifying

"The crazy, sexy, cool grandma though!"

Jackie Christie doesn’t ever do anything the regular way and now that her daughter Chantel gave birth, Jackie’s ready to show the world the funny, specific, and strange kinda grandma she can be.

In tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives, after convincing Chantel to bring baby Saniyah to the family home in Sacramento, Jackie gets real with her daughter. “I know you say she’s your baby but she’s our baby, too.” LOL. Chantel has to shut that down real quick but Jackie won’t stop, instructing Saniyah (the infant) to call her “Mama Jackie” and “Glamma” because, of course, Mrs. Christie fancies herself a crazy, sexy, cool grandmother. Chantel legitimately seems horrified and amused by her mother. How will Jackie fare with Chantel and the baby in her house? Will the arrival of another grandbaby only compound the family drama Jackie has going on with her daughter Ta’Kari?

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