Watch How Mega-Artists Warm Up Before Their Performances: The Hilarious, The Weird + Everything Else

The weird, i.e. Kanye dancing.

The only thing more interesting than what happens on stage is what happens off of it.

For the most part, we the fans are not privy to what goes down behind the scenes. Some artists share BTS videos, but many of them are edited into oblivion, anyway. That’s why candid off-stage videos of artists are so, so precious.

The following videos show artists in rehearsal or backstage mode, and span everything from the amazing vocals of Lady Gaga and Beyonce to Kanye West and Justin Bieber dancing.

Check them out below.

  • Ariana Grande refusing to “Turn Down.”

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    We wouldn’t want her to, anyway.

  • Ed Sheeran deep in text mode.

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    That concentration.

  • Lady Gaga giving her all while rehearsing “Born This Way.”

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  • Paula Abdul teaching Janet Jackson choreography.

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    Ball change, head roll, ball change!

  • Justin Bieber dancing in the mirror.

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    He’s got a cute little two-step.

  • Kanye dancing backstage.

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    Kanye dancing is always a very special occurrence.

  • Rihanna, who couldn’t be bothered while learning this choreography.

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    It was 12 a.m., after all.

  • Taylor Swift flipping her hair into oblivion pre-Grammys.

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  • Beyonce singing “Single Ladies” like it’s the last time.

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    Mind you, she’s sitting down.

  • Danity Kane just being Danity Kane.

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    <3 you forever.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.