Who’s Who? Get to Know Joseline Hernandez’s Family Including Yanira, Abneris, and Brother Kermit

Joseline's got one big family!

In tonight’s special Love & Hip Hop AtlantaJoseline’s Special Delivery, fans will see a different side of the Puerto Rican Princess as she spends time with her family and closest friends before giving birth to her daughter Bonnie Bella.

We have heard Joseline refer to her five siblings before but aside from her mother and stepfather, we don’t know much about her family. In preparation for their small screen debut, VH1 spoke with Joseline’s niece, Abby, to get the story on everyone in their huge family.

  • Big sister Yanira

    Yanira is Joseline’s eldest sibling. She is also the mother of Joseline’s niece Abneris.

  • Niece Abneris, a.k.a. “Abby”

    Joseline’s niece Abneris, daughter of Yanira, was pregnant at the same time as her aunt.

  • Great nephew Josiah

    Josiah is Abneris’ son. He is only six weeks old and will be the perfect age to play with his cousin Bonnie.

  • Little brother Kermit

    Kermit is Joseline’s second to youngest brother. He is very close with his niece Abby and they even graduated high school together.

  • Brother Jorge

    Joseline’s brother Jorge is the second oldest and seems to keep a relatively low profile.

  • Brother Hisael, a.k.a. “Izzy”

    Joseline’s brother Hisael comes after Joseline in age order. He and the Puerto Rican Princess are quite close. You might not catch him in tonight’s episode but he was there at the baby shower.

  • Youngest brother Luis Jr.

    Luis Jr. is Joseline’s youngest brother.

Ain’t that one big beautiful family?!

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