Oh Em Gahhhhhh! This Video Of Joseline Motivating 5-Month-Old Bonnie Bella Is Too Precious For Words


Hermosa is Bonnie Bella, Joseline and Stevie’s precious little girl, and she will make your heart melt after you see this video.

Yesterday, in timely fashion after her delivery special, the Puerto Rican princess shared this warming video of her daughter and that face — ahh, she’s growing up so fast.

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Like her mother, Bonnie is all smiles with every beautiful compliment she’s given. You can hear Joseline saying,

Where you going Miss Bonnie Bella? Where you going to? You ready to go in these streets of ATL? You’re an amazing beautiful young lady. You are so smart. Look at those eyes. You made mommy so proud you know that? Because you are more beautiful and more smarter than I could imagine. Your hair is beautiful, your eyes are beautiful, your nose, your lips is beautiful, your ears, your hands. You’re just perfect. The happiest three months of my life. Byeee!

Stevie also posted a picture of his new princess and it makes you just want to eat her all up!

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Say hello to #BonnieBella

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We don’t know who she favors more as yet but she really is beautiful.

Blessings to Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez.

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