Which Road Trip Scenario Would You Rather Be in Based on These Movies We Love?

From the big screen to IRL.

Summer is fast approaching. For some that means no school, for the lucky ones it means vacation time, but for the adventurers it means road trip time!

If you’re an adult or a kid, hitting the open road is a thrill. The same can be said about watching road trip movies. Who hasn’t fantasized about adventuring to the West Coast in the Hoover family Volkswagen from Little Miss Sunshine, or make a late night White Castle run with Harold and Kumar?


As you save up money and plan your summer 2017 open road getaway, let’s play a fun game of would you rather. This time around we’re taking scenarios right out of our favorite road trip movies. So as you relive the wild moments from classic big screen hits. Ask yourself, “Would I actually do this?”


Watch as comedians Michelle Buteau and Jade Catta-Preta choose which character from Adam Sandler’s classic ’Billy Maddison’ that they are most alike.

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