Joe Budden Aggressively Schooling Lil Yachty About Happiness Has Turned Into the Funniest Teachable Meme Ever

Budden's unhappiness about happiness is creating happiness.

Joe Budden apparently needs someone to sing him the Spongebob “F-U-N” song. On the latest episode of Complex’s Everyday Struggle, the host clashed with guest star Lil Yachty over his “always happy” mentality.

Budden accuses him of being “media trained” before schooling him on “how humans work.” He claims, “Feelings are fickle. What that means is, they come and they go. Nobody is one thing forever. You cannot tell me, you would be lying to tell me that as a young man in this industry, in this music industry, in the music business, you are happy 24-7. That is a lie. That is bullsh*t. And I refuse to have somebody tell me bullsh*t. I want to have an honest conversation.”

Yachty calmly responds, “When you come from a college dorm room, with no money and you ain’t getting no play with no girls, you have no clothes, you have no car, and you come to having three or four cars, millions of dollars, half a million dollars on your body just to wear, and any kind of clothes you want, any hoes you want, how can you be upset?”

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