Anthony Anderson Hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live, But His Mom Was the Real Star of the Night

We now know where he gets his comedic talents from.

Dear Mama: An Event to Honor Moms is still a week away, but that isn’t stopping Anthony Anderson from celebrating his mother today. After Jimmy Kimmel took a leave of absence to take care of his new born son, The Black-ish star stepped in as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

If it wasn’t already a treat seeing the comedian get his shine on as a late night talk show host, fans received another surprise when the Anthony brought along his mother Doris Bowman to be his security guard alongside the shows popular act Guillermo Rodriguez.

“What does it feel like having your baby boy up here hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live?” Anthony asks his mom during his opening monologue. “I feel great, Anthony! I’m so glad Jimmy retired and let you keep the show!” she jokingly replies. As the audience laughs, he clarifies that it’s only a one night gig, which prompts a priceless response by his mom. “Damn. Then why I got on this ugly ass suit for?” It looks like comedy runs in the family. Remember when he pulled the ultimate prank on her?

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