Relax, Kendall Jenner Did NOT Tweet About Her Dad’s Sex Change and Doing the Nasty with Justin Bieber

Someone out there has nothing better to do than hack a celebrity's Twitter account.

Kendall Jenner knows better than to be tweeting about having “lesbian sex” with her dad and giving Justin Bieber a blowjob. If you saw some of the disturbing tweets on her account yesterday and thought for just one minute it was her, shame on you! She’s way too classy for that shit.

Here are the tweets that were posted, before being quickly removed and the accounts @ThyClerk and @fuckcynical suspended.


Jenner hasn’t posted anything since the incident, but she’s previously handled the media like a pro. I imagine she’s laughing this off — along with those Jaden Smith dating rumors — and giving major hair flip right about now. After I erase these tweets from my memory, I WILL find this sad hacker and make it my mission to get him or her hobbies.

[Photo Credit: Splash News/MTV]

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