It Took All of Two Actual Minutes for Evelyn and Tami to Make Up and Start Making Fun of Jackie

"I feel like [Jackie] added layers to our current situation."

The drama on Basketball Wives, so far, has been centered around the reunion of sorts between frienemies Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman. Finally on tonight’s episode, the ladies sat down with one another to rectify the beef. With the help of Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn apologized for her past interviews and shade towards Tami and Tami apologized for her past shenanigans and calling Ev a “b—h.”

Already laughing, the two ladies agree to apologize to one another at the same exact time and then quickly put the drama behind them. Both Ev and Tami acknowledge that the situation between them was only exacerbated by Jackie Christie involving herself in the middle and trying to align herself with each of them, separately. “I feel like [Jackie] added layers to our current situation.” It legitimately took two minutes for the hatchet to get buried before the ladies are all laughing at Jackie’s “wolf pussy” fur coat.

With Evelyn and Tami on the same page, this may be the best season of Basketball Wives ever. Don’t miss an all new episode on its regular time, Monday at 9/8c.