Waka’s Romantic Date for Tammy Included the Passwords to His Phone and All His Social Media Accounts

Is that romance in 2017 or what?

It looks like Waka Flocka Flame may have finally broken down the walls Mrs. Flocka had built back up. On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tammy finally accepted, with her daughter’s persuasion, a date with her estranged husband. When they pulled up to a regular movie theatre, Tammy scoffed at the idea of Waka ever being able to pull through with a romantic gesture but then he really surprised her.

With a table for two with roses and champagne, Waka rented out a private theatre to screen a film showing photographs and old video footage of the then-newlyweds. Waka says all the right things, though. He says he knows he went against his vows and that he hurt not only his wife but also his stepdaughter. And then he does maybe the most romantic thing a partner can do in 2017: he gives Tammy the passcode to his iPhone along with the passwords to all his social media accounts so that he can’t be pulling anything slick on the side. Is this romance or what? Tammy appreciates the gesture but says it’s going to take more than passwords, it requires the trust to not be monitoring his phone. Tammy’s got two weeks while Waka’s on tour to decide if this reconciliation is really going to stick.

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