Newbie Cristen Is Beyond Offended That Evelyn Wants to Give Her a Makeover in the Basketball Wives Sneak Peek

So, this is awkward.

Cristen is one of the new girls around the circle of LA ladies but that doesn’t mean she needs to bow to their every whim. In a sneak peek for an all new Basketball Wives, Cristen is beyond offended when Evelyn drops, oh so casually, that she thinks it would be a v. kayoot idea to give Cristen, ahem, and just Cristen a makeover. The Basketball Wives rookie says that the ladies know that she’s still losing the weight from her miscarriage and she can’t begin to understand their motives. Meanwhile Evelyn feels paralyzed because now things at the Palms Springs house are like, real awkward. Will Cristen stay put and let Ev reinvent her look? Find out on an all new Basketball Wives, Monday at 9/8c.