“Where Did Evelyn Come From?” Brandi Returns to Basketball Wives and Is Ready to Pop Up on the Rest of the Ladies

"Do you want me to tell them you're back in town or just like, just keep it between us?"

Malaysia Pargo just returned to Basketball Wives and it didn’t take long for pal Brandi Maxiell to follow. The two besties linked up so that Brandi could get all the scoop from Malaysia. Malaysia let’s Brandi know that Evelyn and Tami had beef but now they’re friends, to which Brandi responds, in a very shady way, “Where did Evelyn come from?” Bloop! Somebody’s not here for it.

Brandi goes on to admit that she and Tami can never see eye to eye. She even confirms Tami’s allegations that she needed to get in Duffey’s ear to hype her up in Portugal. Malaysia totally senses that awkwardness but is just glad to see her friend back in the same city. “Do you want me to tell them you’re back in town or just like, just keep it between us?” Oh, hunny, that’s not gonna go well. Welp. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Find out what happens on a new Basketball Wives, next Monday at 9/8c.