You HAVE To See The “Chelsea’s Mom” Hillary Clinton Love Song

"But now she's much more than the Flotus that she used to be...The nation needs a champion, it's time for Hillary!"

Are you still holding out for a summer hit? Do you care if there’s a sprinkle of politics in it? How about some nostalgia to top it off? Let’s cut the questions and get to the point. The four-piece undeniably beautiful string group, Well-Strung, just released a video titled “Chelsea’s Mom.”

Late last night (okay it was 9 p.m. but I had work the next day) Clinton inconspicuously posted this tweet:

Upon opening, viewers will see a delightfully cheesy rendition of Fountain of Wayne’s 2003 smash hit “Stacy’s Mom.”

Beautiful men? Check. One specific man that looks like Harry Styles? Check. Hillary Clinton memorabilia? Check. Cheesy graphics and GOP puns? You betcha.

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