Exclusive: Tommie Discusses Her Estrangement From Her Mother, Says She Never Wanted To Reveal This Much About Their Relationship

"It took years and years before I found out I don’t need a relationship with my mom. I don’t care if I have a relationship with her."

Tommie and her mother Samantha AKA Finesse haven’t exactly had the best mother daughter relationship and even Tommie knows it won’t change overnight.

In an exclusive interview with VH1, Tommie Lee opens up about their relationship and the rocky road they’ve taken to repair it. On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we saw how KK, Tommie’s second mom, tried her dardnest to get the two women to sit down and talk it out. It didn’t take long before the two got into a screaming match until Tommie couldn’t take it anymore and just ended up storming out. It’s revealed by KK that Samantha and Tommie have very similar personalities, which is most likely why the two bump heads so much. Although they’ve been through their fair share of family drama, Tommie is open and wiling to make their relationship work.

Take a look at what Tommie had to say when she kept it eight more than 92 in this interview.

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