A Woman Shared Her Real Life Get Out Story and Twitter Exploded

The Armitages IRL?

Author Olivia A. Cole was very close to being apart of a real life horror movie, and because of it created the greatest Twitter tale of all time. Cole took to Twitter to share her hauntingly captivating story or as she calls it “HGTV by Stephen King” about being the stereotypical white woman in horror movies that buys the creepy house in the woods oblivious to it’s horrific nature.

“So I may have done the whitest thing imaginable today. I never thought I would be this white woman..” she tweets.

The story is spot on featuring many gifs and memes that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Twitter has already given us the viral Rihanna and Lupita Nyungo action flick, now sit tight, grab your popcorn and let the Olivia take you through another wild Twitter story. Read below.

Crazy, right? The story brought on countless reactions and major story plot points that you might not have noticed like figuring out that her husband was Black.

Who else called it?

Watch as interracial couples give us all the details and discuss the initial chemistry they felt on their first dates in the video below.

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