Erica Mena is Out Here Lowkey Winning While Her Ex Bow Wow’s Managed to Make Himself the Laughing-Stock of the ‘Gram ?

Oh, how the tables have turned.

You know when they say [after a breakup,] success is the best revenge? Well, Erica Mena has something to brag about in making her acting debut in Aziz Ansari’s hit Netflix series Master of None while her ex, Bow Wow, is collecting Ls left and right.


The former Love & Hip Hop star appears in episode eight of season two, in an episode entitled, “Thanksgiving.” Mena plays the love interest of Denise (Lena Waithe), a gay black woman whose family has been struggling with her sexual orientation. Erica plays Nikki, a seemingly clueless Instagram addict who is incapable of keeping up with serious conversations such as police brutality. When she interrupts the discussion of the injustices in the world with a story of a skateboarding dog, it becomes pretty clear that she isn’t the best match for Denise. Denise’s grandmother Ernestine (Venida Evans) damn near catches a heart attack when Nikki spells out her aptly named Instagram handle, “NipplesAndToes23” at the dinner table.

In her hilarious first acting role, Mena does her thang, nipples and toes and all. (Relax, she’s fully clothed.)

While Erica is taking her talents to Netflix, Bow Wow isn’t doing too well in these streets. His recent alternative facts about flying private jets quickly turned into the #BowWowChallenge started by fans which many celebs like Chance the Rapper and Meek Mill have even joined in on.

In Shad’s defense, he does claim his little private jet coy was all a stunt to get fans tuned into the newest season of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta on WeTV. Guess you would have to see to find out why he would swindle fans into thinking he wasn’t really in business class.

If you went through a breakup and still have your ex’s Netflix password, check Erica out and say a little prayer for Bow. (We miss the 2001 him.)

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