You May Know What the Dawson’s Creek Cast is Up to, But Have You Seen Their Adorable Kids?

The 'Creek kids club is growing by the minute.

It’s been 19 years since we were first introduced to the cast of Dawson’s Creek, back when we rushed home to catch the prime time WB lineup. It was the glorious era when flannel shirts were everything (you know you were into them, too). Much has changed for these teenage melodrama characters since the show’s debut in 1998, including the fact that many of them are now parents!

Though former DC stars Joshua Jackson and Kerr Smith have yet to join the dad’s club, they’ve got plenty of old co-stars to hit up for parenting advice when the time comes. Some you know (hey Suri!) and others you might not have known had little ones. Either way, get ready to feel super old.

Check out the main cast then and now with their mini-me’s!

Speaking of sitcoms, check out what ’Insecure’s Amanda Seales has to say on her kid star past.

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