Aja Claims Her Sister Cristen Had an Abortion and Is Lying About a Miscarriage in the Basketball Wives Sneak

"If you're crying about your weight, stop eating Cheetos®!"

Blood may be thicker than water but we’re not sure the Metoyer sisters subcribe to that proverb.

In a sneak peek for the next Basketball Wives, Aja Metoyer links up with her friend Saniy’yah to get the scoop on what went down in Palm Springs. Saniy’yah explains that Cristen was offended by the makeover and became emotional about her weight. As soon as Cristen comes up, Aja gets low, down and dirty with the insults. “If you’re crying about your weight, stop eating Cheetos®,” she continues, “Yes, Cristen is my sister but my mom and Cristen’s mom legit hate each other. You think we’re gonna like each other?” When Saniy’yah shares that Evelyn became emotional about Cristen’s reaction and the sensitivity of her baby weight being for a child she lost in a miscarriage, Aja goes beyond, beyond, claiming that her sister is lying about the miscarriage. “That’s what we call it? Losing babies? Okay, aborting a baby. She’s so manipulative, it makes me sick.”

It’s a lot. Find out how these allegations affect the rest of the ladies on all new Basketball Wives next Monday at 9/8c.