Exclusive: Tommie Gives The Deets On How To Buy Her Wine, Explains The She Doesn’t Struggle With Booze, “Other People Struggle With Me Having a Drink”

"It’s for everybody straight like that, like anybody. It could sit on any table."

Tommie Lee recently held a wine tasting for the ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and it is legit a for real thing.

In an exclusive interview with VH1, we caught up with the entrepreneur who told us everything we need to know about her newest endeavor, Lè Don. Despite some criticism on the lane she chose to expand her brand (#TommieSh*t), Tommie says she has never had a problem with drinking. She’s found her niche and is even in talks with some big companies to get Lè Don on more than a few shelves. From the name to the taste, Tommie worked really hard on this product to ensure fans are getting that qual-i-ty, chile. In her own words,

“Lé Don don’t have a set of group of people that it’s for. It’s for everybody, or anybody who loves wine. It’s for the bad, it’s for the boujee, it’s for the hood. Everybody. It’s for everybody straight like that, like anybody. It could sit on any table. Any table.”

And if anyone knows about the bad and the boujee, it’s Tommie and who wouldn’t want a wine that the finest enjoys? Now you can! Find out where you can purchase this fine wine, when, and for how many coins!

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