YASSSSS! Celebs, Politicians, VH1 Stars React to Marriage Equality

All 50 states, baby.

If you’re reading this you’re probably already waving your rainbow flag because the Supreme Court overturned states’ ability to ban gay marriage. Basically ain’t nobody gonna tell you who you can marry no mo’. Okay, Donald Trump and Fox News might still try it.

In honor of the momentous occasion, we’ve rounded up some of the

  • Harry Styles

  • Mary Lambert

    The “Same Love” crooner chimed in with her own way of celebrating.

  • Dan Savage

    Savage’s two-part tweet continued with ” I was also telling them that I would never have children and that I would never be married. That was then. This is now.”

  • Uzo Aduba

    Ain’t nothing crazy about this tweet.

  • President Obama

  • Rose McGowan

  • The White House

    Take special note to their new avi.

  • Neil Patrick Harris

  • Tegan and Sara

    The longtime LGBT activist-sisters were some of the first to voice their excitement on social media.

  • Ellen DeGeneres

  • Anna Kendrick

  • Jussie Smollett

    We imagine that Jamal would feel much the same way.

  • Lance Bass

  • Kelly Oxford

  • John Legend

  • Naya Rivera

  • Kerry Washington

  • Kelly Clarkson

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