Check Yourself: Joc is Wondering Why Ceaser is on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Not at Black Ink Piercing Somebody’s Belly Button

The man did open up a shop in Atlanta, IJS.

Ceaser of Black Ink Crew is cool with Yung Joc, but the Atlanta rapper is still wondering what Harlem is doing in his part of town.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Jessica Dime has to call her friend Karlie out for thottin’ when she popped up at her grand opening with Ceaser on her arm. Joc is wondering why boy isn’t back in New York. Karlie doesn’t care though, as long as he doesn’t have a lace front or a dress on, she’s happy. Someone is still salty when Joc says that Cease probably showed up to buy a $27 suit. Hopefully Dime doesn’t hear that. She is not here for anyone calling her friend’s store “thrifty”, especially Steebie’s newest artist, Estelita.

Meanwhile, Melissa is feeling the T-Rivera swimsuits or, should we say, the women wearing them. Even though Melissa did kiss and tell about Mimi, Tammy says if someone was trying to play her, she more than likely would have done the same thing. Melissa isn’t sweating Mimi anymore though, she’s trying to push up on Estelita but the woman has other things on her mind, like the way Karlie says “interesting.” Miss Redd isn’t saying, “interesting” by accident though. It’s all part of her new way to address potential messiness. Instead of jumping out the window to find the tea, she sits patiently as it simmers down, so she can consume all of it. As far as reconciling with Joseline, even Tammy knows that s–t will go down with Mimi because those two ladies do not eff with one another, AT ALL.

Karlie is just setting herself up at this point. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, next Monday at 8/7c!

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