Tammy Rivera Perfectly Depicts What it Means to Be a Mom In a Single Photo

We all been there at one point and moms know this all too well.

You ever just want to peel away to the bathroom to find a sanctuary of solace for only a few moments while in the crib? Well, that’s not going down in the Flocka household, and Tammy Rivera is fake fed up.

In a “can I just take a damn bath???” moment, Tammy shared a photo with fans of Charlie, their dog, and apparently her husband Waka who all busted in on her “me time” when she was trying to soak in some suds. In a frustrated caption she shared,

Yoo I swear y’all I can’t find a corner in this damn house to myself!! There is no reason waka Charlie and the damn dog busted in the bathroom all asking questions they could’ve asked before I decided to take a relaxing bath! angel chasing Charlie waka looking for his phone then decided to take a pic… The word privacy in this house doesn’t exist!! ?

We can just imagine Charlie walking along the edge of the tub talking her mom’s ear off as Tammy screams, “Get that camera out of my face, Waka and shut the damn door, it’s cold!”

Family. Got to love ’em, right?

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