Tichina Arnold Says Her Character Mo Evans On VH1’s Daytime Divas is the Spicier Version of Herself

"I've always been career driven but I'm not devious. I'm only devious when I need to be."

Tichina Arnold isn’t playing with y’all and neither is her character Mo Evans on VH1’s newest scripted series, Daytime Divas.

Like Tichina, Mo is very career-driven, boisterous, bold, and fun but unlike her co-host role, she is not devious. Viewers will appreciate Mo because of her bomb dot comb personality and despite her low-key and sometimes high-key sneakiness, she is very grounded. Whether you want to like her or not, you will because Mo and Tichina alike are just that lovable.

Prepare to see what Moe has stirring up for her co-host on an all new Daytime Divas, next Monday at 10/9c!

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