Are You Sitting Down? Hanson is Back and They’ve Brought Their Insanely Cute Kids With Them

So much awesome is happening here.

Get ready for a super special blast from the past.

Everybody’s favorite brother band of yore, Hanson, is back on the scene with a brand new video. The trio peaked in 1997 as their smash hit “MMMMBop” lit up the charts. As if their comeback isn’t enough to make you want to spit out your coffee (just me? ok then), they took it a step further by rallying 11 of their 12 collective children to star in the video for their new single “I Was Born.”

In celebration of their 25th year as a band, “MMMBop” singers Isaac, Taylor and Zac are releasing a greatest hits album titled Middle of Everywhere. The new project inspired them to do something super special for their fans, and giving us this adorable glimpse of their young ones was just the way to do it. “From the earliest conversations about this song, we imagined kids featured in the video to elevate the song’s message of unbridled optimism for the future,” Taylor Hanson told PEOPLE.

The new video is 3 1/2 minutes of pure childlike joy. The black and white visuals show the Hanson kids living out their dreams in pretend uniforms. Mini mad scientists, anyone? “Featuring our own kids made sense because we knew they would share an honest performance,” said Zac Hanson. “We loved the fact that it added another dimension to the story of pursuing our dreams for the last 25 years.”

Turning the spotlight on the Hanson kids was such a genius idea on their dads’ part, but does this mean we’ll get a Hanson band 2.0 in the future? We’re buying whatever they’re selling. Watch the super cute video below.

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