Rihanna Was the Real MVP of the NBA Finals’ Game 1

RiRi was doing the most and it was all for the love of Lebron! ???

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a spectacle. We came for the three peat epic face off between LeBron James and Steph Curry in this championship rematch, but stayed for the unexpected beef between Kevin Durant and Rihanna. The pop star was front and center for the much anticipated showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, and she didn’t shy away from routing for #TeamLeBron and heckling Durant in the process.

First of all, RiRi’s presence is always a THING, and commentator Jeff Van Gundy reacted like any of us would when she walked by.

Rihanna then started the feud while yelling “Brick!” when the Warriors superstar was shooting free throws.

Durant quickly caught wind of the sideline heckling and clapped back with a three pointer and an epic stare down.

RiRi brushed it off and showed love to King James with a court side bow and dab for the culture.

The Cavs would go on to lose the game, but in Rihanna’s eyes LBJ still came out on top. “It doesn’t matter b***h, the King was still the King,” she yelled as she was leaving the arena after the game.

This is only Game 1. We can easily see this feud between Rihanna and Kevin Durant growing much bigger throughout the rest of the NBA Finals is and we can’t wait.

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