Check Yourself: Logan, Kirk, or Joc? The Ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Need To Know Who The Father of Jasmine’s Child is Already

"Can somebody own up to being the father?"

First it was Kirk, then it was possibly Joc, and now this new man Logan is in the mix. The ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta all agree that it’s time to find out who the dad is.

In this week’s Check Yourself, the women look back at their girl’s trip in Jamaica. Dime decided to be the bigger person and apologized to Tammy, recognizing that her behavior came off a little bully-ish. (Tammy is super cute though, how can you dislike her?) When Rasheeda pulled up to the beach, everyone (us included) was still in awe of how beautiful she is. Jessica even took a page out of K.Michelle’s slam book and called Kirk and his three earrings out for messing up a good thing. With this new kid Logan in the the mix, it’s about time we find out if Kirk is the dad.

Meanwhile, Melissa found it funny how Mimi hangs around everyone else who is cool with Joseline, but still refuses to hear her out. Melissa’s also convinced that Mimi was frontin’ about not knowing who was going to show up at this dinner. Karlie claimed her crown as “the get back queen” and Melissa cosigns. After watching the scene where Mimi just shuts down on Melissa, Karlie began to realize that bringing the women together probably wasn’t the best idea.

Karlie didn’t have to call Stevie’s new artist, “escriba,” though. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta next Monday at 8/7c!

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