Tammy Warns Waka About Stepping Out On Their Marriage Again, Says, “You Play With Me, [You] Will Never See Me and Charlie Ever Again”

"Respect my space and my independence and we have a deal."

After months of begging and pleading for his family back, Tammy finally allows her husband to move back into their home but the invitation comes with a stern warning.

In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta bonus clip, Waka is fresh off his tour and pleading to Tammy for his family back. They’ve been through a lot and Tammy has decided that she’s just not gon’ cry no more (Mary J. Blige voice.) She realizes she has made the man suffer enough and says he can come back on a probationary period but he’s 1. not allowed in her bedroom and 2. must sleep on the couch. Sounds pretty easy right? She humbles him quickly, though, when she vows that if he EVER cheats on her again, she is walking out of his life and is taking her daughter Charlie with her. He’s not even trying to speak that negativity into existence and is pretty sure he will have a difficult time respecting them rules.

Yes, Tammy. Let him know you don’t play!

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