Evelyn Is Ready to Get Messy Boots and Expose Jackie for Talking Trash About Saniy’yah in the Basketball Wives Sneak

"I don't want to be around her, she's not the type of women I would be around."

Evelyn Lozada didn’t come back to reality TV just to be pretty. In a sneak for the next Basketball Wives, Ev pregames with Shaunie, Bonnie-Jill, and Tami where the ladies can all agree that source of all the drama seems to be Miss Jackie Christie. While the ladies prep for Saniy’yah’s backyard BBQ, Evelyn says that it’s about time someone call Jackie out for her antics. And to top it off, BJ reveals that Jackie called Saniy’yah a liability behind her back but now is fronting like they’re besties. Ev can’t stand it, saying that Jackie was all, “I don’t want to be around her, she’s not the type of women I would be around.” Evelyn says she’s 100% ready to be messy if it means putting Jackie in her place.

When Ev says she’s ready to be messy we all become Tami. ? ☕

Are you ready for Evelyn to check Jackie? See it go down on a brand new Basketball Wives, Monday at 9/8c.