Jerry Seinfeld Savagely Curving Kesha is Both Sad and Hilarious

Damn Jerry! It's like that?

Today, we found out two very interesting things about Jerry Seinfeld – not only does he not have any idea who the hell Kesha is, he definitely doesn’t want her anywhere near his personal space.

The legendary comedian was on the red carpet of the Night of Laughter & Song event when, mid-interview, Ke$ha rushes up to extend a hug while gushing like a total fan girl. “Hi I’m Kesha I love you so much. Can I give you a hug?” Jerry, taken aback, hits her with a smug “no thanks” while backing away like she had the bubonic plague. I’m telling you, it was cold as ice.

As the video spreads like wild fire on social media (because why wouldn’t it), the internet has been debating about whether it was right or wrong of Jerry to reject a fan, famous or not.

We’re waiting for this gif like…

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