Channing Tatum Says Watching Step Up Will Be “Punishment” for Daughter Everly

Like watching him could ever be torture.

We know Channing Tatum is bringing lots of stripper moves to Magic Mike XXL (amen), but he seems more concerned about his 16-month-old daughter Everly eventually watching another one of his movies. “Step Up, she’s going to end up watching a lot,” Tatum revealed at the New York press conference for new movie The Book of Life.” It’s going to be her punishment.” With that new dad glow, the actor talked about his beautiful baby girl and revealed what kind of moves he pulled on wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum that got little Everly born in the first place.

Although Channing loves his job as a dad, perhaps even more than any movie role, he tells us fatherhood hasn’t made him want to seek out more kid-friendly roles. “It’s not a conscious decision,” he said. “If some great stories come along that are appropriate — I’m not going and looking for that type of thing — it’s really whatever that comes across that is a great story. But it definitely changes you, having a child.”
Tatum may be a pro on-screen, but when it comes to the whole parenting thing, he’s still figuring it out. “I still feel so responsible, and pretty much her only job is to get up everyday and I just want her to eat!” he joked. “I’m a very competitive person, and I have to take myself out of her life in that matter and try to let her find her own way.” Precious.

In The Book of Life, Tatum’s character Joaquin goes extra lengths to prove his love for Maria (Zoe Saldana). But in real life, he’s no slacker. When it comes to schmoozing the ladies, Tatum revealed what he initially did to woo his wife back in the day: “I danced with my wife [the] entire three months before we actually started to date. We’ve been together nine and a half years so… I haven’t fought monsters, but just singing and dancing [helped].”

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.