Sesame Street and Orange Is the New Black is the Healthy Mashup We All Need

Trust us, you wouldn't mind sharing this with your kids.

Sesame Street just created the cutest spoof of Orange Is the New Black. Now, we know you’re probably thinking, “How would a children’s show like Sesame Street mesh with the graphic stuff in Orange Is the New Black?” Well, calm down because there’s no drug smuggling or inappropriate adult business involved. *whew*

The skit is called “Orange Is the New Snack” and its goal is to spread the message of healthy eating. Piper “Snackman” is the main character and the new-coming “student” to Litchfield Academy. In this impeccably produced scene, the gang gathers to munch on their usual mid-afternoon snack of Red’s famous baked cookies. Piper shocks the group by turning down the delicious cookie in exchange for a healthy orange and loads of cuteness ensues. Plus…you just have to meet the puppet version of Crazy eyes. Epic!

Watch the adorable clip below.

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