Check Yourself: Joc Thinks It’s Hilarious That Kirk Agrees With Tammy’s Saying One Must “Fight For Love”

"Kirk is like, 'I like the message... I'm here for love.' He won't even look at Rasheeda."

Tammy was preaching about fighting for the person you love and in looking at the playback, Joc is wondering why Kirk is sitting there “amen-ing” like TD Jakes delivered the sermon himself.

In this week’s check yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Jessica Dime is reminded of why she loves her Shawn so much. As everyone gathered around to listen to Tammy’s music, Joc thinks it’s funny how Kirk is sitting there feeling Tammy’s message on fighting for the person you love. The moment Shawn proposed to Dime had everyone in tears, even Dime again. Joc is also feeling the moment but says Waka better not let no thug tear fall down his face (as he struggles to fake wipe his own.) Dime is calling for security again, but this time to handle that big ol’ rock on her finger. She’s happy now, “issa married woman.”

Meanwhile, Dime says Joc always has to bring thot-n-boppers with him everywhere he goes. She’s wondering who he thinks he is with his nappy a– chest hairs all out. Joc is seeing now that Karlie wants to blame him for everything, just to irk him. He doesn’t think the whole situation between Dime and Tresure was his fault, but he can see why he’s being blamed. Karlie tried to play like she was all crying when Shawn popped up on Dime but Joc is seeing right through that. He realizes now that the only way to make Karlie happy is just to apologize, even if you didn’t do anything.

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