Band Aids, Clocks and Key Earrings: The True Stories Behind Music’s Most Iconic Fashion Statements

If it were still on the air, this would make for a bomb subject of Behind the Music.

Have you ever looked back at a point in your life where you really thought you were killing the fashion game, but now those choices seem v questionable?

We’ve all been there, even some of our favorite musicians. They’ve all created a signature looks that don’t make sense to any of us, so we decided to get our Nancy Drew on to dig up why Cam’ron is always killing it in pink or why TLC looked like an early 1990s Planned Parenthood poster with condoms pinned to their clothes.

No one is immune from making poor fashion choices in their youth. Check out this video where Lala Anthony reviews her own personal style evolution – including some of her more questionable looks.

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