Evelyn Tells Malaysia the Only Reason She Returned To The Show Is Because She Thought Malaysia and Brandi Were Gone

"My issue with her is that the reason why I'm here is because they told me she wasn't going to be here."

Is “I didn’t have substance?” the new “thank you for your services”?

In one of the most sure-to-be-iconic showdowns in Basketball Wives history, Malaysia got into it with Evelyn, Tami, and executive producer Shaunie and the boxing gloves are nowhere to be seen.

It started with Tami and Malaysia getting into it about Brandi’s infamous pop-up in Palm Springs. The two go back and forth and it’s the first time we see the two of these ladies really truly butt heads.

Then Ev tags Tami out to let Malaysia know what her problem with Brandi is, saying, “My issue with her is that the reason why I’m here is because they told me she wasn’t going to be here.” When Malaysia asks, confused, “Just her?” Evelyn, in her shades replies, “No, you too.”

Meanwhile Tami editorializes the argument, “Boom.”

Please don’t think Malaysia is done though. “Why wouldn’t we be here?” And then Shaunie jumps in.

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