Don’t Know How to Spend Father’s Day? Well, Here a Few Suggestions

Appreciate your papa!

You ever look at your calendar and wonder “how TF did Father’s Day come so fast?” (No offense, Dad.) Unlike the mothers, dads unfortunately have one day a year, which is why you need to make sure it’s their best day. Shopping for your papa isn’t that easy, I mean, looking back, how many times did my dad really need argyle socks. Nevertheless, dads deserve love for raising, protecting, teaching, nurturing, advising, their young princes and princesses into kings and queens. Whether it be your bio-dad, grandfather, uncle, big brother, neighbor up the block who always gave you money for Mr. Softee because your mom “don’t work hard to spend money on no damn ice cream”– something special HAS to be done. No clue what to do? Don’t worry, I got you. Check out a few things you could do to show your old man that he’s the man on Father’s Day.

Or, you can just chill with dad in the house, put on some TV, and whip up some cocktails. Here are some recipes you can try!

Watch this adorable Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, where Stevie J surprises his princess with a special UniverSoul Circus performance.

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