The #NickiMinajChallenge is Giving Everyone the Chance to Twirl on Their Haters, Including Zoë Kravitz

Can you b*tches even spell challenge?

Every so often, a social media moment comes along that is so epic, the people must join in. We got to freeze time with the mannequin challenge, fake stunt with the Bow Wow Challenge and now we get to twirl the haters into oblivion with the Nicki Minaj challenge.

While damn near every female rapper was at Summer Jam serving serving girl squad goals, Nicki was giving serious jet setter envy on the runway of a private flight from London to Prague just to prove that they’re not on her level (unlike Bow Wow, she had receipts to prove the private flight part.) And in case you didn’t catch the point that Nicki Minaj is ballin’, she decided to spell it out for us.

“Attention! This is how bad b*tches leave London and go to Prague. You b*tches can’t even spell Prague,” she brags before whipping her calf-length hair towards the camera and twirling away.
It didn’t take long for social media to catch on and make the #NickiMinajChallenge a thing. Whether you’re ballin’ enough for a private flight or only scraping enough for the bus, everyone can contribute to this teachable moment on how to approach life like a “bad b*tch.”
The challenge became so popular, even Zoe Kravitz got in on the fun before twirling away for her appearance on Good Morning America.
And of course, VH1 had to show some love on this.
Well played, internet. Well played.

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