Tamar Braxton Still Wants to See Toya Wright Win, Even After the Epic “Paperback Toya” Shade

Are they ready to patch things up?

Tamar Braxton is ready to tell the world her side of the story concerning her feud with ex-friend Toya Wright and, in the process, clear her name.

The “Love & War” singer sat down with V103’s Big Tigger and addressed the petty back and forth with Toya that erupted on social media last week. To recap, Tamar extended a peace offering to Tiny while shading Toya to hell.

The conversation with Tigger shed some light on why her beef with Toya runs so deep. Tamar explains that she didn’t know Toya was upset with her until she heard her BFF going at her in a radio interview. Allegedly, Toya was upset that Tamar didn’t help promote her latest book “In My Own WORDS…MY Real Reality.” As for Toya’s claims that Tay Tay tried to block her from appearing as a guest on The Real, Tamar claims that she had no idea Toya was even interested in coming on the show.

All in all, Tamar says she’s extremely hurt that Toya would paint her as a bad friend, and that she doesn’t have an ounce of jealousy in her. “Toya if you’re listening I have absolutely, positively no reason to stop you from getting your shine on. I want you to win. I love you. I love Reginae. I love the whole clique. I want everybody to win.” Watch the conversation unfold at the 2:00 mark.

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